In the world of visual arts there are many disciplines which I like or that I will enjoy while looking at them. I like looking at a Miró as much as I enjoy looking at a photographic image of Jeff Wall or a well designed poster.
But still within the world of arts and visual communication I like photography the most as a visual medium, I admire it. The aesthetic side is important for me, so you will see photographic images which are visually charged, offering something you can’t take your eyes of. The variety of subjects ranges from portraits to still lives, landscape photography and experimental imagery. Some are more lifelike and some are more static but there is always room for interpretation. 
Making a beautiful picture is one thing, but what really strikes me is imagery that has a meaning and that causes you to discover that meaning.
 That’s why I focus on visuals in a much more human way, trying to challenge the viewer and tapping into their psyche at the same time.